Warm Chocolate & Mulled Wine Figs + A Stress Free Christmas | v + gf

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Warm Chocolate & Mulled Wine Figs | Cashew Kitchen

We’re only a couple of days into December, but I can already feel the familiar holiday stress creeping up on me. Not only are we approaching the end of this fiscal year, which always means an extra workload for the small business owner (especially if you’re a bit behind with your book-keeping like I am…). It’s also time to start planning what food to make for Christmas and what gifts to give to your family members, and then find the time to actually prep all that food and wrap all those gifts. Not to mention the house decorations and finishing all the work tasks before the holiday begins.

The stress and shopping mania that strikes the entire western world around this time is quite scary to me. Not only is the mandatory gift shopping and luxurious food consumption something that few can afford, it also overshadows what (to me) is the truly important things of this holiday – spending time with family, resting, offering gratitude and getting mentally prepared for the new year.

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My #RealDietStory: From being “the good girl” to mindful rebellion

#RealDietStory | Cashew Kitchen

The details of the story I’m about to share with you has been floating around in my mind for quite some time now. Ever since I read Renee‘s #RealDietStory. For some reason I haven’t felt comfortable enough to talk openly about my relationship to food on the blog, so I started small and shared this story to my email list 2 weeks ago. Now, once the initial scary part is over, I wanna share my (slightly updated) story here on the blog as well.

This is a topic I believe isn’t talked openly about enough. There are so many ways in which people are struggling with food and eating habits. Some can be placed under an eating disorder, and some are more vague or sporadic. Regardless of what you name it, talking about these struggles openly is paramount to breaking destructive eating habits and prevent it from becoming normalized.

By sharing my diet story I hope to bring out the courage in you guys, to speak up and put your own struggles into words. That is one helluva big step towards letting go of your complexes and start accepting your body!

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Creamy Celeriac & Kale Soup with Buttery Mushrooms & Sugar Snap Peas | gf

Creamy Celeriac & Kale Soup with Sautéed Mushrooms & Sugar Snaps | Cashew Kitchen

A couple of weeks ago, a friend told me that she always thought of me as a “soup expert”, and that one of the things I primarily share here on Cashew Kitchen is awesome soup recipes. And I was like “what??? I have like ONE, or maybe TWO, recipes for soup from the entire blog archive”. Then I took a proper look and realized there were actually quite a few… Many of them from this year. And here I am, blogging about soup again.

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Freelance Monday + December Dedications

December Dedications | Cashew Kitchen

Hi kids! Did you have a good weekend?

Mine was busy as heck (not something I’m gonna brag about though). Last night when I came home from my extra job, I was DONE. I was so incredibly socially overwhelmed that I couldn’t even stand to SENSE another person’s presence without almost loosing my mind. That’s how it is to be a highly sensitive introvert sometimes, when you’re not taking care of yourself or being mindful enough with where you spend your energy.

Poor Hannah got left alone in our (currently freezing) bedroom after I stormed out roaring  “I NEED TO BE ALONE!!”, whereupon I collapsed in the spare bedroom and slept for 10 hours straight (waking up with my pyjama pants tangled around my neck?? *side note*).

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7 Christmas Recipes For The Advent Celebrations

Raw Saffron & Lemon Fudge | Cashew Kitchen

Sometimes I’m so focused on creating new new new all the time, that I forget how many amazing recipes I have in my archive. Many of which I cook myself on a regular basis. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and 1st of Advent is coming up this weekend. I will unfortunately be working all weekend, but if I had some time off I would light a fire, uncork the first bottle of mulled wine for the season, snack on something sweet and dive into a thrilling novel. What are your plans?

I’ve collected a handful of my favorite winter recipes here, in case you need some inspiration on what to make :-) I threw in both a lil bit of sweet and a lil bit of savory.

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Freelance Monday + The Passion Profile Quiz

November Sunset | Cashew Kitchen

Last week I stumbled upon a brilliant and fun quiz called the Passion Profile Quiz. By answering 11 questions, you’ll find out which one out of four “passion profiles” (firestarter, tribe member, side hustler or thriver) that fits you best. This is meant to help you find a work path that is in tune with your values and lifestyle. For being a playful, free resource that functions as an introduction to Clarity on Fire (the coaching business behind the quiz), both Hannah and I found it strikingly accurate.

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