Freelance Monday + On Discipline, Productivity and Getting Stuff Done

Freelance Monday | Cashew Kitchen

I’m trying a new approach this year, to get “the big stuff” done. You know, those projects you keep postponing month after month, even though you know they are incredibly important and will make a huge impact on your business. I’ve been scared to take on those projects, because I know what a huge time commitment it will be.

But lately I’ve started to think that time probably isn’t the issue. If I could just find a way to work smarter, and do less unnecessary tasks, I could actually fit in quite a lot in one week.

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Green Goddess Buckwheat Salad with Tamari Glazed Sweet Potato & Grapes | v + gf

Green Goddess Buckwheat Salad w/ Tamari Glazed Sweet Potato & Grapes | Cashew Kitchen

It’s the millionth gloomy day in a row and the house is rattling from hard winds. I’m spending most of my days alone out here in our cabin in the woods, and some days, when I’ve been so wrapped up in my own things that I’ve forgotten to even put on some music or the radio, it can feel like I’m the only one left alive.

Going out for walks is risky, as a branch might suddenly fall down onto you. The roads looks like war zones with twigs and fir cones scattered around all over the place. Yesterday the power broke right in the middle of this photo shoot, with left me with no choice but to embrace the permanent dusk in the pictures. Luckily, the sweet potato was just about done roasting.

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Freelance Monday + What I’m Doing To Kick-start 2017

What I'm Doing To Kick-Start 2017 | Cashew Kitchen

I don’t know what has happened, but over the past days, a burden has lifted from my chest. I feel lighter and more positive than I have in months.

Perhaps that intention ceremony we did over New Years unlocked something in me. A deeper acceptance of the difficult year that has been, and trusting that I’m totally capable of making my dreams come true in the future.

To finally have the inspiration and motivation to work hard and make things happen is such a relief. I’ve been so impatient, yet it’s been such a struggle moving forward.

So it is with great excitement that I write this first Freelance Monday post of the year! First, I have a couple of thoughts on how to kick-start 2017 that I want to share with you. Further down you’ll find this weeks To Do List, as per usual.

Let’s dive in!

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Hot Superfood Chocolate with Tahini & Turmeric | v + gf

Hot Superfood Chocolate with Tahini & Turmeric | Cashew Kitchen

Ever since New Years Eve I’ve felt light in my chest in a way I haven’t felt in months. It seems like the universe spotted our lanterns solemnly sailing through the sky on Saturday and decided to grant us our wishes, because over the last few days, sign after sign has appeared, pointing me in the very direction I’ve been searching for during my anxiety filled autumn.

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2016 Gratitudes & Goals For 2017

Goals 2017 | Cashew KitchenG_1756

When one year of your life has been colored with a lot of anxiety and stress, it is easy, oh so easy, to bring those negative feelings with you into the following year. I notice that all too often in myself. I give myself promise after promise that I will break the negative thought patterns and bring myself out of that destructive cycle, only to think and act according to the same self pitying again just minutes later.

For many of my friends, as well as for Hannah & I, this has been a challenging year. Probably the hardest year so far. Speaking in astrological terms, we are all approaching our Saturn Return (when Saturn returns to the very same position it was in when we were born) which supposedly is a time of great ordeal.

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Chewy Caramel & Ginger Cookies | gf

Chewy Ginger & Caramel Cookies | gluten free |Cashew Kitchen

The cheek numbing cold out here has turned into stormy and mild, almost spring, weather. The steel grey ocean is powerful and the strong winds are an effective cure for a busy mind.

I thought that it would be hard – not to say impossible – to wind down and find the mindspace to actually take some time off this year.

But as the days grow closer to Christmas, I find myself involuntarily snoozing until mid-morning, absentmindedly wandering around the house picking dead leaves from our sad plants and worrying more about whether or not Lady Mary will marry Lord Gilliamham, than what Christmas gifts I should get for my family.

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Blood Orange & Rosemary Jam | gf

–  This post is a sponsored collaboration with Lidl Sverige –

Blood Orange & Rosemary Jam | Cashew Kitchen

Overnight the temperature dropped 10 degrees and we woke up to a glistening cold and white Narnia forest. We had an errand “in town” (meaning the closest gas station 20 min by bus away) so just when the first rays of sun hit the tree tops we were at the bus stop hopping from one side to another to stay warm. Ten minutes later the bus passed the harbor, and the sky was burning with the most magnificent sunrise! Oh how I wish I had brought my camera in that moment! But I guess some things are meant to be etched into your mind rather than preserved through technology.

This morning would turn out to be one of those times when mindfulness are almost forced onto you. When it’s this cold (-10’C/14’F) and you have 1,5 hour outside to pass before the returning bus arrives, it is impossible to not be acutely aware of the immediate now. The numbness of your feet and the hurting beauty of the white and dark green tree crowns bathing in golden light. How badly you are craving a hot cup of cocoa and to close your eyes and sleep under a warm blanket just for a moment.
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